Seeds of Change – Small Grant Scheme Now open

We are offering up to 5 small grants to community groups and organisations to run a Development Education project or activity.  You can download and complete the application form here.  Contact if you have any questions or need help.

Last year we awarded 4 grants to Donegal Women’s Network, Letterkenny Anti-Human Trafficking Group, Malin Heal Community Association and the Alcohol Forum.

Download application form here

Download the application guidelines here

QQI Level 4 Module in Local & Global Development Awareness

Please contact if you are interested in signing up for the 5 day module run over 5/6 weeks.  We have not decided on the location so please let us know and we will locate the course based on demand.

Course details.

The module will open your eyes to the wider world and your place in it by exploring the links between local and global issues and finding ways to take action for a  more fair and just world.

  • 30 Hours over 5 days (9.45am – 4.30pm)
  • Location: To be confirmed)
  • Cost: Only €50 (€25 is refundable on completion of the course)
  • This is a QQI Level 4 component certificate minor award

October 22 – 28 October 2013

“Peace through Disarmament” is a major focus for the United Nations. This excerpt from the Department for Disarmament Affairs’ vision statement sums up this avenue of the UN’s work: “We acknowledge that disarmament alone will not produce world peace. Yet we also maintain that the elimination of weapons of mass destruction, illicit arms trafficking, and burgeoning weapons stockpiles would advance both peace and development goals. It would accomplish this by reducing the effects of wars, eliminating some key incentives to new conflicts, and liberating resources to improve the lives of all the peoples of the United Nations and the natural environment in which they live.”

United Nations International Day of Peace 21st September 2013

INTERNATIONAL-DAY-OF-PEACE-image for blogThis coming Saturday – the 21st September is the United Nations International Day of Peace and this year’s chosen theme is ‘Education for Peace’.  The 2013 Peace Day theme highlights education as an important path toward a more peaceful world as well as the crucial need for educational programming specific to the subject of peace.  Achieving gains in education will have an impact on all the Millennium Development Goals as well, from lower child and maternal mortality, to better health, higher income and more environmentally-friendly societies.  250 Million children cannot read, write or count well, even those with at least 4 years in school. Children have a fundamental right to free primary schooling of good quality.

When we put education first, we can reduce poverty and hunger, end wasted potential – and look forward to stringer and better societies for all

Ban Ki-moon #EducationFirst

Celebrate Africa Day – 25th May 2013

Africa Day, designated by the African Union as an annual celebration of the continent’s unity, falls on 25th May each year. Celebrations to mark the day occur across the globe: in some African states, it is a designated national holiday, while in diverse cities – such as New York, London and Washington – academic gatherings and cultural showcases mark the day.
Africa Day 2013 is an especially important celebration: it marks the 50th anniversary of Africa Day and African unity. This will offer an important opportunity to reflect on the progress and transformation that has taken place across the African continent, as well as the issues that continue to hinder development, such as security, hunger and inequality.

africa day imahe

Education in the broadest sense

Frank HerbertThe best contribution one can make to humanity is to improve oneself.

Frank Herbert American science fiction author.

Hello World!

Our very first blog! Well, welcome to the project and to our new website. We’ll be using the blog to share the experience we are getting through the project. We’ll also use the blog to share Development Education issues and actions from the wider DE community here in ireland more around the world. Talk soon!