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Friday 16th October, 2 – 3.15pm. 

As part of Donegal Social Inclusion Week 2020, ChangeMakers is offering an online film
screening and discussion around the human cost of inequality, prejudice and discrimination.
Gráinne O’Neill and Francine Blache-Breen, facilitators for the ChangeMakers Project will
facilitate a discussion following the short film exploring the issues raised and what action
we can all take.

The Film: Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes, Jane Elliott Anti-Racism Experiment. Jane Elliott gave this lesson on April 5, 1968, the day after Martin Luther King was assassinated, and it teaches a lesson on discrimination

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Join us for a series of three workshops linking with the Self Help Africa team in the Teso region in Uganda.

About this Event
Stephen Akonyu, Programme Manager and Joseph Ariko, Agriculture Specialist will be joining us for all three workshops, which will share the work of the Ecological Land Use Management (ELUM) project and learn from the Ugandan and Irish experience of rural sustainability.

Workshop One. Friday 16th October, 2020, 10 – 11am . We start with an overview of what it is like to create sustainability for rural communities in Teso, how climate is impacting the region, and the global issues affecting the people of Teso.

Workshop Two. Friday 23th October, 2020, 10 – 11am . Introduction to the ELUM project, including harvesting crops, water use and irrigation, shared knowledge and experience and natural fertilisers.

Workshop Three. Friday 30th October, 2020, 10 – 11am . Sharing our growing experience in Donegal and look at the damage our lifestyles may be causing to areas like the Teso region of Uganda.

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