Seeds of change Grant Scheme


We are offering up to 10 small grants to community groups and organisations to develop and deliver their own Development Education themed event or project aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Topics covered to date include Fairtrade, SDG awareness, Coastal and sea pollution, clean water, consumerism, the impact of alcohol from a local and global perspective, social justice, clean rivers, migration, cultural awareness and gender equality.


Under the Seeds of Change Grant Scheme 2022/2023 community activists and groups can make applications to receive a small grant that supports projects under three categories:

  • Category I- Social Justice;
  • Category II- Economic Justice; and
  • Category III- Environmental Justice.

We encourage projects that address multiple categories acknowledging the reality of many of the local and global justice issues we are trying to address.

Applications should identify the ‘main category’ under which their project falls. If in doubt, queries should be sent to

Subject to the final applications received, ChangeMakers will endeavour to ensure an equal spread of the awards across the three categories.


Final awardees will also be offered mentoring support to deliver their project. Mentoring support will be delivered from one of our Donegal-based facilitators.

How to get involved

The deadline is Wednesday 30 November 2022. Please contact for more information.

  • Guidelines for Applicants

Guidelines Seeds of Change Grant Scheme 22 / 23

  • Application Form 

Seeds of Change Application Form 22 23