All I Want for Christmas is Climate Justice


This Christmas, forget ‘jingle all the way’….think ‘justice all the way’!

Across the world people are being pushed further into poverty due to the climate crisis. But we’ve a chance to change that. If we act by joining our project partner’s Trócaire Climate Justice campaign.

World leaders are gathering next week for crucial COP28 climate negotiations in Dubai. Minister Eamon Ryan will be travelling to represent Ireland at the leader’s summit that kicks off the negotiations. Let’s raise our voice to ensure these negotiations deliver an urgent plan to tackle the climate crisis, based on the needs of the world’s poorest people.

Those with the least are paying the highest price for climate inaction. From mass displacement to the threat of famine, the world’s poorest are picking up the tab on a crisis not of their making.

This is why we need to see wealthy countries, including Ireland, pay their fair share towards a ‘Loss and Damage Fund’ aimed at financially supporting countries on the frontlines of the climate crisis.

Wealthy countries caused this crisis and it’s our responsibility to assist the people worst affected.

For this to happen, public pressure on elected representatives around the world is essential. Right now, we need every TD across the country to hear our call. Help us put pressure on them to ensure that climate justice is at the heart of Ireland’s negotiation agenda for COP28.

If you have one wish this Christmas, make it Climate Justice!

Take action now by emailing your TDs.

The Wonderful World of Fungi

Join Changemakers Donegal to learn how to grow your own oyster mushrooms. Learn about how fungi shape our world. Address global issues with local action.

Saturday 2 December 2023 at 10am – 1pm

Tickets free but ticketed, 15 places available

Book tickets at Eventbrite.

Bundrowes House, Magheracar, Bundoran, F94 XK49

Films on Border life around the world to be shown at November Film Club

Disappear Here Film Club, which takes place monthly in Clonmany, Co. Donegal, is pleased to announce the lineup for its November Film Club on Saturday 25 November.

The Film Club is funded by Concern Worldwide in partnership with ChangeMakers Donegal at Inishowen Development Partnership and Disappear Here Film Festival to encourage local people to think globally inspired by documentary and feature films.

After the success of a community event earlier this month – where the Film Club hosted the Irish Film Institute to showcase archival footage of Donegal and local people saw themselves on screen – the Film Club is continuing with a similar approach this November. The Disappear Here Film Club will present six short documentary films made by non-professional filmmakers from Donegal, Derry, and North Africa. These films last under one hour in total and will be followed by a short panel discussion.

The films include:

  • Derry, the Oak Grove by Molly Phillips and Tom Hannigan; a lyrical essay film about Derry featuring current and archival footage.
  • Triang Times by Emer O’Shea, Manus Brennan, and Michael Mc Monagle focuses on the lives of two people; a Unionist and one Nationalist, who have spent a lifetime stepping outside their cultural boundaries to make Pettigo a better place to live.
  • Connecting Borders, directed by Derry-born, Gemma Gfeller, features interviews with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions, from Ireland, Palestine, Colombia, the United States, and Turkey, and examines what it means to live in a bordered world.
  • Crossing Lines, directed by Margaret Gordon, is about a group of young women who formed a football team in 1979. The team was both cross-border and cross-religion. Margaret is involved in Finn Harps Football Club today.

The films were made during a filmmaking programme facilitated in The Nerve Centre, Derry, in collaboration with The Reel Borders Project based in Vrije Universiteit Brussels.

Universality of Border Life

Alongside the Donegal/Derry-based films, we will also show two films from North Africa to highlight the universality of border life and the connection between the local and the global dimension, in keeping with the work of ChangeMakers Donegal and the Film Club funder, Concern Worldwide.

  • Frontera (Borderland) (7 minutes) is a short film narrated by Lakbira Ijamai. It tells the story of cross-border workers and what they will do when the border between Spain and Morocco is closed due to COVID-19.
  • Quiero/I Want (2.5 minutes) features a voiceover from an undocumented migrant worker in Ceuta, on the border with Morocco. It explores the young mother’s dream for the future.

These short films are the result of a three-month participatory filmmaking workshop by Reel Borders with Moroccan cross-border women who are living and working irregularly in Ceuta, a Spanish enclave bordering Morocco. The workshop was hosted by the local NGO Digmun, the Association for the Dignity of Women and Children of Ceuta, which offers language literacy and legal support.

Event details

REEL BORDERS SHORTS – Short Films from Ireland and North Africa

  • Saturday 25 November 2023 at 2 pm – 3:30 pm at Market House Clonmany above the Market House Café run by Clonmany Community Centre
  • The six short films will be followed by a brief post-show panel discussion featuring some of the filmmakers and producer, Diana Cheung
  • The event is free thanks to the REEL BORDERS Project

To be added to our Film Club mailing list, email with Film Club Mailing List in the Subject.

Our Disappear Here Film Club Launches a New Bursary for a local documentary maker

Disappear Here Film Club, taking place monthly in Clonmany, Co. Donegal is delighted to announce the launch of its inaugural DONEGAL SHORT DOCUMENTARY FILM BURSARY in partnership with ChangeMakers Donegal, Inishowen Development Partnership and Concern Worldwide.

Alongside support from Concern Worldwide, proceeds from the popular Film Club have been going towards this €3,000 Bursary for the last 18 months and the funding will be made available to produce a new documentary to be shot in the county in 2024.

Find out more in this video by Michael Mc Laughlin of Disappear Here Film Festival.

Festival & Film Club Founder Michael McLaughlin says it is important to hear local voices in the local independent film sector and he believes that this new bursary will help foster talent, creativity, and activity in filmmaking in County Donegal.

“This is a great opportunity for a filmmaker with a story to tell, to get their work made and up in front of a live audience on the big screen. There are so many unique characters with stories waiting to be told in the county, many with global resonance, we hope this bursary can help people come forward and have these stories captured forever with a new documentary film.”

Myra McAuliffe, Project Coordinator at ChangeMakers Donegal said: “We are grateful to Concern Worldwide for their support of our monthly Film Club collaboration with Disappear Here Film Festival. This new Bursary will fund a local artist to reflect on an important societal issue through the medium of film. We look forward to receiving applications and to showcasing the new documentary at next year’s Festival.”

The combination of arts and community development to raise awareness of social justice is core to the work of ChangeMakers and Inishowen Development Partnership and why they work closely with the Disappear Film Festival in this work.

Denise McCool, Team Lead with IDP explains “Concern Worldwide have worked with us over the years and saw this collaboration as a great opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of a variety of justice issues and their local and global connections through the medium of ‘film’ and facilitated discussion. The Bursary is a great new element to the work.”


To apply, email by Thursday 30 November 2023 for full details. 

The short documentary film must having a running time no longer than 15 mins.

  • Total Cash Value of €2,000, plus €1,000 in kind towards media, festival screening fees and 2 x mentorship sessions with festival team.
  • Film must be shot in the county, using local crew where possible, before May 1st
  • Disappear Here Film Festival will screen the world premiere of this new work at its annual event in September 2024
  • Disappear Here Media will offer support/consultation, and ensure maximum coverage on social media and via more traditional media outlets.
  • You will own the final film, DHFC will retain rights to use the film in our programming.



Sharing the Elder Tree Series about Sustainable Living at the Ageing Well Event

We had a great time attending the Ageing Well event organized by our colleagues from the Inishowen Development Partnership, in collaboration with the Donegal Older Person Council. The event was aimed at over 55s in Inishowen, and it was both fun and informative. The keynote speakers and performers included Moya Brennan, the Donegal Age Friendly Ambassador and First Lady of Celtic Music (picture 2), as well as Shunie Crampsey. The event was a sold-out success and there was a lot of energy in the room.

The Elder Tree Series

The ChangeMakers contribution to the event at the IDP Information Stall was to share our Elder Tree Series, which involves Patsy Toland from ChangeMakers Donegal hosting discussions about how life was lived more simply and sustainably in the past.


Each recording focuses on a different story related to the #Sustainable Development Goals. Patsy asks interviewees questions about how the world around them looked in the past and compares it to the world now. So far, Patsy has conducted nine interviews in our Elder Tree Series.

These interviews also include a conversation with Mary B. and Veronica, (picture 1) members of the Carndonagh Active Retired Group, and also John Michael Ngwaru from Soroti Uganda, who reflects on his life growing up; walking to school, food, cycling. It was great to meet Mary B and Veronica at the Elder Tree event in Ballyliffin today!

Does your group have a story to tell?

If you have a story to tell or you belong to a social or active retirement group in your community, please get in touch with ChangeMakers Donegal at or via IDP at (074) 936 2218 and ask for Myra Mc Auliffe, Project Coordinator, ChangeMakers Donegal.

We can visit you to host an informal workshop/group discussion and Patsy may then follow up with individuals or members to arrange an interview like the ones you can listen to on our YouTube Channel here and here.

Make Contact

ChangeMakers Contacts

  • For information about the Elder Tree Series, contact Myra at  (074) 936 2218.

IDP Contacts

  • For information on future events like this Ageing Well event, contact Aine Mc Laughlin of Inishowen Development Partnership at  (074) 936 2218.

Marking World Migratory Bird Day in Donegal by gathering at Inch Island

Donegal-based bird and nature enthusiasts had a great morning with Aengus Kennedy of Nature North West at a ChangeMakers Donegal, Inishowen Development Partnership organized an event to mark World Migratory Bird Day. World Migratory Bird Day activities take place in many different countries and places across the globe – united by a common campaign and theme. Poor management, pollution, and climate change are all taking a toll on water and on migratory birds. 

Read More

Walk & Talk for World Migratory Bird Day

On Saturday 14 October 2023, ChangeMakers will embrace #WorldMigratoryBirdDay2023 with a Walk & Talk Event with Aengus Kennedy of Nature North West at Inch Island, Inishowen, Co Donegal.

FREE but ticketed:

Climate Discomfort: A Workshop to explore climate justice

All meaningful conversations start with a question. Can you recall the moment when you first became aware of injustice in the world?

If you’re interested in exploring the topic of climate justice, join ChangeMakers Donegal for an intimate group discussion amidst the beautiful surroundings of Fort Dunree.

Book Now:

As part of the workshop, we will take in the ‘Comfort Ye My People’ exhibition by Alannah Robins at Artlink Fort Dunree, which reflects on the passage of time and our place in the natural world. No prior knowledge of climate justice is necessary; just a willingness to explore local and global topics with support.


Wednesday 4 October 2023 at 11am to 1pm

Saldanha Gallery at Artlink Fort Dunree

Fort Dunree, Dunree, Buncrana, Inishowen, County Donegal, F93C424

Lifts/car-pooling is an option so contact Myra at if you need a lift.

Planting Seeds of Change & Compassion with Eric Kooma of Self Help Africa

ChangeMakers Donegal asks a crucial question for SDG Week 2023: why is it essential to connect local community efforts with global challenges?

In a video interview, Eric Kooma, Agriculture Advisor with PRESERVE Kafue at Self Help Africa, shares his thoughts on this topic.

He encourages Donegal community groups participating in the ChangeMakers Seeds of Change Funding and Mentoring programme to continue their endeavours and praises their compassion and developmental efforts. To listen to the interview and gain more insight and inspiration from Eric, visit our You Tube channel @changemakersdonegal2972.

Find out more about our project partners,  @SelfHelpAfricaTV by visiting their channel.

About the PRESERVE Project

The Irish Aid funded Protecting and Restoring the Environment and Supporting the Emergence of a Resilient and Vibrant Economy (PRESERVE)- Kafue Project implemented by Self Help Africa.

This project is implemented in three districts of Southern Province (Mazabuka, Monze and Namwala), targeting 4,500 households and has the overall objective of contributing towards the restoration, protection, and enhancement of ecosystem services in the Kafue sub-basin in Southern Province of Zambia. Droughts, environmentally destructive actions, and unsustainable farming practices of some communities have continued to threaten the flora and fauna in the region, forcing already poor communities to encroach on the wetland eco-system in search of water, food, and pasture for their livestock.

The project addresses these challenges to the wetland environment and improve the resilience, food, income, and nutrition security of 4,500 households through improved management of natural resources and increased production and returns from smallholder livelihoods.

Find out more about the PRESERVE Project.

Thank you to our project partners, Self Help Africa.



#Sustainability September: Autumn Newsletter Out Today

Our Autumn Season Newsletter is out today. This Autumn, you can contribute to positive change in Donegal by participating in our series of events for European Sustainable Development Week, conversations, and funding opportunities.

Read it today:

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