Planting Seeds of Change & Compassion with Eric Kooma of Self Help Africa

ChangeMakers Donegal asks a crucial question for SDG Week 2023: why is it essential to connect local community efforts with global challenges?

In a video interview, Eric Kooma, Agriculture Advisor with PRESERVE Kafue at Self Help Africa, shares his thoughts on this topic.

He encourages Donegal community groups participating in the ChangeMakers Seeds of Change Funding and Mentoring programme to continue their endeavours and praises their compassion and developmental efforts. To listen to the interview and gain more insight and inspiration from Eric, visit our You Tube channel @changemakersdonegal2972.

Find out more about our project partners,  @SelfHelpAfricaTV by visiting their channel.

About the PRESERVE Project

The Irish Aid funded Protecting and Restoring the Environment and Supporting the Emergence of a Resilient and Vibrant Economy (PRESERVE)- Kafue Project implemented by Self Help Africa.

This project is implemented in three districts of Southern Province (Mazabuka, Monze and Namwala), targeting 4,500 households and has the overall objective of contributing towards the restoration, protection, and enhancement of ecosystem services in the Kafue sub-basin in Southern Province of Zambia. Droughts, environmentally destructive actions, and unsustainable farming practices of some communities have continued to threaten the flora and fauna in the region, forcing already poor communities to encroach on the wetland eco-system in search of water, food, and pasture for their livestock.

The project addresses these challenges to the wetland environment and improve the resilience, food, income, and nutrition security of 4,500 households through improved management of natural resources and increased production and returns from smallholder livelihoods.

Find out more about the PRESERVE Project.

Thank you to our project partners, Self Help Africa.



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