Disappear Here Film Club at Inishowen Pride


The Disappear Here Film Club is going on the road for one week only from its usual location, Clonmany, to feature in the Inishowen Pride weekend in Buncrana for the first time on Friday 2 June.

The Disappear Here Film Club is designed to bring people together once a month to see a societal or global theme played out on screen and to give people the opportunity to discuss these issues as a community.

Everyone is welcome to join our Club which is a partnership between Disappear Here Film Festival, ChangeMakers Donegal and Concern.


To reserve your seat visit Eventbrite and enter the words: Disappear Here Film Club at Inishowen Pride.


Further Information

As part of the Inishowen Pride Weekend, Michael McLaughlin of Disappear Here Film Festival has chosen five short films to reflect LGBTQ+ stories. The short films will be followed by a post-film discussion featuring Orla Walsh, the Director of the film Bent out of Shape about a gay punk working in a video shop.

A panel discussion will follow the Film screenings and it will feature Karl Hayden, LGBTQ+ and HIV activist for more than 30 years, Orla Walsh, Film-maker and Anne-Marie Mc Laughlin, Healthy Club Officer at Buncrana GAA, chaired by Ruth Garvey Williams of Exchange Inishowen.

“We’re very much looking forward to hosting the Film Club in Buncrana as part of Inishowen Pride weekend,” said Myra McAuliffe, Project Coordinator, ChangeMakers Donegal.

“And we expect the panel discussion after to be very lively and informative. As well as being an activist, Karl has been working on a scheme to disregard historic convictions of men prosecuted under Victorian Law, which criminalised consensual sex between men up to 1993.

“Karl was also one of the organisers of the Dublin Pride so we’re looking forward to having him in Buncrana,” added Myra.

“Also on the evening, an exhibition Where Love is Illegal, will be unveiled. Witness Change has partnered with Inishowen Pride to bring this exhibition to Ireland for the first time. The exhibition documents and shares LGBTI+ stories of discrimination and survival from around the world. The exhibition will be on display throughout the weekend at The Exchange Inishowen.“

The Disappear Here Film Club will take place in the Exchange on Friday June 2 at 7.30pm. It is free and open to everyone over 18. However advance booking is required to be able to accommodate everyone.


The programme of short films is as follows:

Film Title 1: Bent out of Shape

Director: Orla Walsh (IRL)

Description: Danny, a gay punk working in a video shop, befriends a young bullied boy Stephen but their friendship has consequences…

Running Time: 26 minutes


Film Title 2: Dream Kitchen

Director: Barry Dignam (IRL)

Description: A young man arrives home to find his Dad repairing the car again and his Mum busy cooking, as usual. In these depressingly dreary surroundings the son imagines a luxurious dream kitchen, in which he plucks up the courage to tell his astonished parents the good news: “I’m gay”. But, all too soon, his fairy-tale comes to an end…

Running Time: 9 minutes


Film Title 3: Different

Director: John Farrelly (IRL)

Description: Summer 1980’s, The West of Ireland. A time and place where homosexuality is frowned upon, a promising young gaelic footballer, Patrick, falls in love with another young man from his local village.

Running Time: 20 mins


Film Title 4: In Orbit

Director: Katie McNiece (IRL)

Description: There was once an invisible optician, trapped in a strange and lonely world. Her story starts with a broken lens and the woman who taught her to see things differently.

Running Time: 17 mins


Film Title 5: PINK

Director: KY Baldwin – (USA)

Description: Elody is realizing that finding love is a gift not to be ignored. Being happy and living without fear is what matters and will make you the person you are destined to be.

Running Time: 7 mins


Panel discussion to follow the event, details to be announced soon.

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